Wireless Internet

No landline? No problem. With our dedicated wireless infrastructure a ADSL line is not required. As long as there is clear Line-of-Sight to our High-Site, we’ve got you covered!!!


FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home)

Lightning fast internet is here!!! Through our partnership with Openserve, UNIWISP now brings you blazing fast downloads and streaming with our Fiber-to-the-Home. Are you ready for the internet revolution? 

Ready to upgrade?


The future of fixed wireless connectivity is here! So even if you do not have fiber or wireless coverage fast, reliable internet connectivity at affordable prices is still right at your fingertips. 



Have a phone line installed? Still a fan of reliable old fixed line connectivity that ADSL offers? Why not take a look at our Capped and Uncapped packages on offer. What are you waiting for…


Network Infrastructure

Let our networking professionals get you wired and all of your devices, rooms and offices connected. Through our qualified technicians and use of high quality network cabling and equipment we have what it takes to suite your network requirements, whether big or small.


Do you need to keep an eye on your valuables or the safety of your loved ones? With our dedicated and highly qualified technicians at hand, we can help you keep an eye on what is important to you…wherever in the world you may be. Want to get your “big brother” on, see more…

ADT Security

As a prominent re seller/installer for ADT alarm systems, you can be assured that your home/business is always under a watchful eye. With ear shattering alarms and armed response, criminals will be thinking twice before setting foot in your space.


No ADSL, Fiber, Wireless or LTE in your area? Never fear for UNISAT is here. With our UNISAT satellite internet kit, we can provide you with an internet connection whether in the bush, the valley…We’ve got you covered. If you can see the sky, we can get you online in no-time…


Affordable call rates to any telephone number in the world. Our VOIP/FOIP services allow you to make calls and send faxes over your internet connection at reduced rates compared to traditional landline carriers. Whats more, all that’s needed is an active internet connection…interested?

ICT – Consultancy and Services

Hardware, software, email, remote access, servers and more. With our wide range of ICT services and qualified professionals we can supply and assist in planning, implementing and maintaining your perfect setup…you are only once click away…

Why Choose UNIWISP?

With our rapidly growing wireless and fiber-optic infrastructure we can provide a robust and reliable platform for all of your information and communication needs. All wireless and fiber packages are unshaped and uncapped with no hidden fees or T&C’s

We specialize in providing fast Uncapped Wireless Internet, Network Infrastructure, CCTV & Surveillance, Security Systems, Hardware, Software and Printers, UNIX and Open Source and VoIP services to small and medium sized businesses, local municipalities, government agencies and households in Mpumalanga.
Our team of highly qualified specialists are capable of the supply, implementation, maintenance and support of all the above-mentioned solutions that are backed by Service Level Agreements that can be designed and customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements.


Our specialty is in the adding value to the supply, implementation, maintenance and support of hardware requirements for our clients. Value added services include pre-loading software according to client’s needs, asset number tracking, delivery and set-up directly to the clients desktop. Connectivity and set-up of application are but a few of the services provided with the supply of IT related hardware.