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Welcome to UNIWISP - A True Solutions Provider

Company Backgroud

Founded in 2009 by Desmond Cogill (Urban WISP) and Marius Botha (Unics Technologies), UNIWISP is the creator of the popular Bastion Internet Access Appliance. Our products, services and technical ability are known throughout the country. We have been successful in setting up partnerships with most big brand IT companies and is notably in delivering solutions to Corporate Enterprises, SME, Local Municipalities as well as Government Agencies.

UNIWISP currently serves more than 850 customers in the Mpumalanga area and employs 30 people in the greater Nelspruit area. We have an excellent track record in all the different ICT platforms but excel in delivering ICT solutions in Networking Infrastructure Solutions, Desktop Support, CCTV, ICT Security Systems, ICT Monitoring Systems, UNIX Open Source, Novell, Microsoft, Cisco and Wireless Technologies Solutions.

Why Choose UNIWISP?

With our rapidly growing wireless infrastructure we can provide for all of your information technology and communication needs. All of our internet packages are unshaped and uncapped with no hidden fees or T&C’s

Our services include the supply, implementation, maintenance and support of network infrastructure, backed by maintenance contracts that may be designed and customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements. In addition, we supply and support a wide range of software as well as hardware products. Such software products include Antivirus Software, Backup Software, Microsoft® Products, Pastel®, Hardware Supplier (Asus, Acer, Lenovo, etc) as well as proprietary software. We pride ourselves on our level of service excellence and support and endorse products of only the highest standard.

We specialize in providing fast Uncapped Wireless Internet, Network Infrastructure, CCTV & Surveillance, Security Systems, Hardware, Software and Printers, UNIX and Open Source and VoIP services to small and medium sized businesses, local municipalities, government agencies and households in Mpumalanga.
Our team of highly qualified specialists are capable of the supply, implementation, maintenance and support of all the above-mentioned solutions that are backed by Service Level Agreements that can be designed and customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Our specialty is in the value add to the supply, implementation, maintenance andsupport of hardware requirements for our clients. We provide a cost effective solution for our clients according to requirements and budgets. Value added services provided by UniWisp include pre-loading software according to client’s needs, asset number tracking, delivery and set-up directly to the clients desktop. Connectivity and set-up of application are but a few of the services provided with the supply of IT related hardware.


UNIWISP is confident that our high levels of expertise benefit our Clients in the supply of ICT Solutions. We sincerely hope that you will consider us as a long-term partner and allow us to enter into a business relationship with Your Company. Such a business relationship will be mutually beneficial to UNIWISP and the whole of the Mpumalanga. We hope to become your ICT partner and for you to allow us to deliver quality services as a 100% Local based Company.

We are available to answer any questions you may have and look forward to discussing this opportunity further.



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