Founded by Desmond Cogill and Marius Botha, Uniwisp was formed by a merger between Urban Wisp and Unics Technologies, and stands as a pioneer of the ICT sector. We specialize in all your technological needs as we provide solutions such as fast, uncapped wireless internet, networking infrastructure, desktop support, CCTV & surveillance, security systems, UNIX and open source, Novell, Microsoft, Mikrotik and Cisco.

Fast, Uncapped Wireless Internet

Considering Nelspruit as a central point, Uniwisp provides fast internet services within a radius of 250Km, which is continuously expanding and growing at a rapid pace. With our group of specialized employees always ready to maintain and improve the network, our clients are guaranteed an internet connection that works, and delivers the needs of not only business internet users, but households as well. Our network infrastructure’s cabling is built up of fiber optics which we ourselves install to ensure a hands-on approach to our clients’ needs.

Why choose UNIWISP?

Our team of highly qualified specialists are capable of the supply, implementation, maintenance and support for all the above mentioned solutions and are backed by maintenance contracts that may be designed and customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements. And for the benefit of the client, we produce high quality software and hardware products to ensure that our clients receive the best possible solutions for their needs. Our goal is to provide all our clients with solutions which hold for long term, with the best possible service to ensure not only that the client is satisfied today, but that they may continue putting their technological needs in our hands.