What is domain hosting?

A company’s domain is the part in the URL bar that starts with http:// followed by the registered name of the specific company. For example, https://www.uniwisp.co.za. A domain is the unique series of numbers called an IP address that is given to you so that your computer may be able to connect to other servers on the Internet. It is used to identify your business and is unique to your business name.

What is the purpose of a domain?

It is highly recommended that you register your own domain. Reason being that it reserves your right to a particular name and in other words, space on the web. This way no one else can conduct business under the same name as your company on the Internet. There is also the advantage of having a custom email.

It is easy to attach your new domain to email hosting. Having your own custom email makes it easier for clients to remember your address and is more professional. Connect your domain to your social media accounts to allow customers or clients easy access to the services or products you offer. Having your own business domain is like having a unique address on the world wide web.

How to choose a domain

Check out UNIWISP’s Domain Name Search page (link below). This is a handy tool to help you select the best domain for your website. (Link to Get Started tool to search for domain name – https://clientzone.uniwisp.co.za/)


UNIWISP is the industry leader when it comes to providing outstanding and instant domain hosting solutions. We offer customers a self-registration option to save you time and give you the freedom to conduct business from anywhere.