360° CREATIVE SOLUTIONS – graphic design

UNIWISP is now an all round communications platform offering a variety of creative services to suit your needs.


Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Television, Google Advertising, Direct Mail, Outdoor, Online.

Art Direction

Working from a brief and managing projects within a budget.


Creating a recognisable brand which consumers can easily identify.

Layout Design

Publications, Posters, Website Layout, Packaging.

Online Advertising

Social Media, Google AdWords, Web Banners.

Corporate Identity

Business Cards, Letterheads, Email Signatures, Envelopes, Corporate Folders.

Bringing ideas to life

Us at Uniwisp aim to develop professional and personal relationships with our clients, in order to creatively evolve each and every idea and brief into a working project. We strive to work hand in hand with you in hopes of creating a positive and successful working relationship.


Working Wisely

Even when our creativity flourishes, we aim to work wisely in order to remain within budget, time and production restraints. A constant mindful attitude towards each and every client’s specific needs is imperative in our creative process.


Good Design VS Cheap Design

When looking for a designer to design something for you, remember that you are putting your brand image in someone else’s hands. If all they can give you is a pretty picture, or one similar to what you have seen a hundred times before – it is your responsibility to choose whether or not it will benefit your company in the long run. Do you want to be the Coca Cola of the soda world or the Squeeza?