What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is a way to giving your website a house on the Internet. Whilst a domain can be compared to an address, web hosting is where you keep all your valuable information on the Internet.

Other users can now view your website on the Internet. A web hosting company would be granting you space on its server. This is important since users can access your website via a network or modem.


• Email accounts If you have your own business domain name, domain email accounts can be created that matches your domain name.

• FTP Access FTP allows you to upload files from your computer to the web server. (Des, why is this an advantage?)

• WordPress Support WordPress is a great tool for uploading content such as blogs or special offers and pics to your website. It is an easy and fun way to ensure an outstanding SEO rating.


If you are looking at the bigger picture, UNIWISP’s web hosting services cater for the individual or business who has various websites. We offer multiple options as well as a large variety of deals to meet your requirements. Choose from shared hosting solutions, managed hosting, dedicated hosting or self-managed dedicated hosting.