Fibre to the Home

Fibre is by far the fastest and most reliable form of internet connectivity. Making use of fibre optic cables that are installed in your home, you could say that fibre has the capacity to work ‘at the speed of light’…


Fixed Wireless Broadband

No lines required. The internet signal reaches your home or business through radio waves transmitted by a base station. A receiver installed on your property communicates with the nearest wireless base station and offers you access to the internet through a broadband signal sent between the base station and your router.


UNISat Internet Via Satellite

Satellite connectivity offers excellent advantages in broadband access and corporate WAN connectivity. If you are looking for permanent coverage over a wide fixed area, with extremely high reliability and uptime that can’t be matched by other terrestrial communication systems, VSAT is the way to go.


Voice Over IP

Voice over Internet Protocol routes calls over your internet connection, reducing call costs by 30% to 50%. It is also mobile, so providing you have internet connection, you can make calls from anywhere in an office or home, or even out on the road. This means increased productivity for your employees. Additional benefits are exceptional call quality, ability to send voice messages to an email inbox, as well as a group-call functionality.



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