UNIWISP is innovative, strategic, resourceful, technologically advanced, best priced and customer satisfaction driven. We don’t only have the best clients but we also have the best staff who are professional, educated, helpful and always friendly, a great team to work with. UNIWISP is a TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER.

Autonomous System Number

ASN:                                          328106
Peering Policy:                    Open
Peering Info :                       AS328106
Max Prefix :                          32
PeeringDB :                          http://as328106.peeringdb.com

Contact Information

NOC 24/7:                 +27 13 880 0500
NOC Contact :          noc@uniwisp.co.za
Peering Contact :    peering@uniwisp.co.za
Website URL :           https://www.uniwisp.co.za
About Uniwisp :        https://www.uniwisp.co.za/about/

Peering Policy

  • Only send us traffic that is destined for the prefixes we announce to you. Do not point default at us or use static routes to send us traffic that does not match the routes we announce to you.
  • UNIWISP will regularly ensure that filters and configs are done to best practice, and where not so, will endeavor to resolve it as soon as possible.
  • UNIWISP ensures that all links will have sufficient bandwidth and increase where needed to avoid any congestion along with ensuring Quality of Service with no shaping what so ever.
  • This policy will be updated regularly as required and could thus change at any point in the future.
  • UNIWISP will always have someone to man the contact information above, but would request that for urgent matters a call be placed to the 24/7 number above.