A few Online Shop FAQs with answers that you may find helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any enqueries.

Shop FAQs

I don’t have connection. What do I do?

It is easy. All you have to do is restart the small black rectangular box or the POE with one blue/green light on it. Unplug the POE for about 3 seconds and plug it back in to restart. Follow the same process with the second white router board or MicroTick. With regards to the LAN cable, ensure it is securely plugged into the MicroTick’s port 5 and that the green light is on.

Why was I disconnected?

This is usually due to a drop in the network or a power dip.

How can I prevent this from happening again?

Install a Surge arrestor multiplug and or UPS. In case of a power dip, this will prevent your connection from dropping.

Where can I find my IP address?

You can easily access your IP address by holding the Windows and R buttons on your keyboard simultaneously. A window will pop up with the heading “Run”, next type CMD into the window and press the “OK” button. In the next window, type in the following “ipconfig” and press enter. Your PC will provide you with the IPv4 address in the next window.

My speedtest is incorrect.

Before conducting a speed test, please ensure all connected devices are disabled from the network. Make sure the device you wish to put through the speed test is the only device connected to the Internet. Speedtest.net is the best online speed calculator. We highly recommend clients conduct the speed tests via this site to insure accuracy.