Uncapped Wireless Internet

Internet connectivity does not get easier than this. All packages are unshaped and uncapped with no hidden costs or T’s&C’s, so you can download, stream and game to your hearts content and not have to worry about slowing speeds or additional out of bundle rates.


All packages are suitable for downloading. The bigger the package the faster the downloads. Smaller packages are more than capable of handling regular/basic downloading such as movies, music and emails. For larger downloads such as games and software larger packages will cut down on downloading time.

Browsing/Email/Music Streaming:

In general browsing, music streaming and email do not require a large amount of bandwidth. Any one of our available packages will be more than suitable for this application.

Video Streaming:

Streaming usually uses a variable amount of traffic, depending how much bandwidth you have available. When using streaming services such as Netflix, BoxOffice or ShowMax the typical requirement is between 4-6Mbps (720p/1080p). When streaming at 4K resolutions, up to 25Mbps would be required for optimal performance.


We all know lag can be the difference between victory and defeat. Games use very little traffic making latency the most important factor and not the amount of bandwidth available. Any package from 1Mbps up to 20Mbps will be more than sufficient to take your fragging online.